Ferrando convent Dhajea was established on 31st March 1996, at the invitation of S.D.B Fathers of Sonada Parish. Fr. Louis Jellici is responsible for the presence of the Sisters at Dhajea. He wanted to purchase a plot of land for the Sisters in Dhajea and many efforts were made to purchase the same. In the initial stage the people agreed to sell the land but later, they gave up the idea.

 The sisters arrived at Dhajea on 30th March 1996. The pioneers were Sr. Merlyn Jacob, Sr.Alice Antony and Sr. Assunta Noronha. There was no convent building constructed for the Sisters, hence they were put up in the existing building of the S.D.B. Fathers.  The main purpose for which we began the center is 
* Direct evangelization
* Family visit
* Oratory
* Catechism classes
* Mothers’ association
* B.C.C
* Dispensary 

Most of the above apostolate is being carried out to spread the kingdom of God. They also had to supervise the work in the land that was being cultivated by a gardener for the Salesians of Sonada. For the maintenance of the Sisters an amount of Rs. 10 lakhs (rupees ten lakhs only) is deposited in a bank in Darjeeling and the Sisters use the interest for their daily maintenance. 

Since there is no resident priest, the Sisters could not avail themselves of daily Holy Mass. The priests from Salesian College and from the Salesian Parish of Sonada came on Sundays and on important feast days and celebrated the Holy Mass for the Sisters and villagers. Seeing that the Sisters had no daily Mass Fr. Louis Jellici stayed in Dhajea with the Sisters and gave them spiritual assistance. This was a great blessing for the Sisters. 

There were only a few families in Dhajea that have embraced the faith. But it is a growing Christian community. The faith of the people is shallow, so there is little hope for vocations. People fail to understand even the meaning of religious life. Therefore we need to strengthen the faith of the community and inspire them to dedicate their lives for the cause of Jesus and his mission. So far we have only one sister from the parish. Sr.Sonamit Lepcha. The Sisters visit the villages like Nagri, Sangma, Molot and Dohtreh and also go for the Holy Mass when the priests go to these villages. . 

The Community at Dhajea does not have an agreement drawn up with the Salesians or with the Diocese. We have only the permission and invitation of the late Bishop Eric Benjamin, the then Bishop of Darjeeling.

The long awaited dream of Dhajea Busty came into a reality by starting a preparatory center on 4th March 2008 with 22 kids. This is done after the repeated requests of the people of Dhajea Busty. The parents were longing to send their children to the mission school not only for their all round development but also to learn religion. As a whole everyone enjoys the presence of our sisters irrespective of caste and religion. But it is sad to say that the collaboration from the Christian community is very little due to the lack of understanding of Christian life. 

For many reasons in the past, people in Dhajea, especially the catholic community thinks that the Sisters have plenty of money. This impression is not with the other denominations, they are educated. In spite of all the problems, people think that we are set apart for God. There are few Catholics who attend the church service only to get sponsorship.

Our constant visits to the families help the people to come to the church regularly. Few of them come only once in a year. There are quite many families attend the weekly adoration. Above all most of the people are devoted to Blessed Mother, and it is vividly seen in the month of May and October. It is very encouraging to see even the other denominations are devoted to our Mother Mary; they come to pray and light candles at the Grotto.  

The achievement of our center is great, because at least through family visits the Christians become more aware of faithfulness to family life, and the importance of educating their children in good educational institutions, rather than satisfying with mere village education. 


Dhajea P.O, Nagrispur
Darjeeling, West Bengal - 734 215        
09593343096 / 9775918947


Sr. Roshni Aind 
Sr. Nellie Kujur 
Sr. Mistiful  Mary Lyngdoh
Sr. Juli Rai
Sr. Seraphina Hasda

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