St.Mary’s Convent, Agiamur was officially established on 27th May 1979. Agiamur is situated in Godda District (Jharkhand) in the diocese of Bhagalpur. It was Rt.Rev. Urban McGarry T.O.R. who took the initiative to invite the MSMHC to Agiamur to work among the Santhal tribe. Rev. Mother Mary Rose Thapa and her council accepted the invitation and decided to venture into this new area with the noble intention of bringing the Good News among the Santhals.
Sr.Elizabeth Packumala the then Vicar General of MSMHC and Sr.Teresa Mathew the councilor and Novice Mistress accompanied the pioneers Sr.Beno Mary Toppo and Sr.Immaculata Kisku. They arrived Bhagalpur railway station on 26th May 1979. Rev.Fr.Gregory (VG) and Fr.Joseph Thanniparampil welcomed and fetched them to Bishop’s house. In the same evening they were brought to Agiamur by Fr.Joseph Thanniparampil. 
On 27th May they had very solemn Holy Eucharistic celebration presided over by Rt.Rev.Urban McGarry and several priests, religious, and many people were present for the same. During the Holy Mass the sisters were welcomed and introduced to the parishioners. At that time the parish was under the care of the T.O.R priests and Rev.Fr.Theodore Baa was the parish priest. Now the parish is handed over to the diocesan priests. 
 A few months later Sr. Philomena Mathew a junior sister was added to the community with the pioneering group. They were staying in an old house with two rooms, a kitchen, verandah and a toilet which existed in the mission compound. With much inconvenience the Sisters lived a very happy life here. The Fathers took good care of these sisters and they could feel very much at home in the new mission field. 
The original purpose for which we were invited to this interior mission was first of all for pastoral work among the Santhals. Accordingly Sr.Immaculata Kisku and Sr.Philomena Mathew engaged themselves in full time pastoral ministry visiting regularly the far-flung villages by using the bicycles, which was the only means of transportation available in those days. Sr. Philomena Mathew picked up Santhal language very well and worked hand in hand with Sr.Immaculata Kisku for the spread of our holy religion. Sr.Beno Mary was busy in the dispensary, which was in a small mud house. Sisters also housed a few boarding children in that dispensary. At that time there were only a handful of catholic families and they would rarely frequent the church. 
Over the years by the grace of God development has been taken place, more members were added to the community. Later on the diocese constructed a new convent, hostel and dispensary buildings. The activities also increased. Now the sisters carry out the following ministries:
1.    Pastoral work (2 Sisters) SCC, Mahila Sangh, Krus Vir, YAC.
2.    Hostel for children with the help of Sponsorship from the diocese
3.    Dispensary and Social Apostolate
4.    One Sister in Charge of the Parish Middle School and teaching.
5.    One Sister teaching in the Parish High School.

With the passing of time many were added to our faith and Agiamur became a model parish and three more parishes were carved out from Agiamur Parish (Chandana, Damruhat and Susni).  Thanks to the hard work of the sisters especially the pioneering members who struggled a lot to establish God’s kingdom in this part of our country. 
The community building was not a concrete building so the sisters had to face some difficulties due to the dilapidated condition of the construction. The province under the guidance of Sr.Elizabeth Packumala the Provincial, Sr.Molly James the economer  and the council members a new construction is made.
Today, tracing back to the years, Agiamur is an old parish with our presence there. We feel happy that a great number of people have received faith and our catholic community remains very active. The presence of our sisters has enriched them a lot and they remain very happy with us.
The impact of our presence in the parish and the diocese is that many have come to know Jesus and His Gospel Values through us. Through our care of children in the boarding we have made a great impact on their lives and they remain ever grateful to us. Children have become more responsible, mature and are hopeful to build a better world. 


Agiamur P.O.,Dist. Godda
Jharkhand - 814 153
09973800302 / 09973800295


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Sr.Flora Topno
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