Lourd Prakash Bhavan, a home for M.S.M.H.C, is situated at Dangratoli in the heart of Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand. The story of its existence begins in the family of Mr. Joseph Toppo and Mrs.Reginacelis Toppo when their only son, Prakash was about to be taken to the Heavenly Abode leaving behind none to inherit their property. It was his last expressed desire to his parents that this piece of land should be donated to any missionaries who are titled under the Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The MSMHC were earnestly looking for a place to build a Convent where we can exercise our missionary apostolate. This providential help came through the instrumentality of Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Rundo who was well acquainted with this family of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and the M.S.M.H.C. With great happiness, the pious parents of late Prakash gifted this place to the M.S.M.H.C, and we consider it as a true gift from the Divine Providence.

Srs. Flora Dhan and Celestina Topno who came for college studies from Shillong Province, were the pioneers. They reached this place on 17th Oct.2004 accompanied by Srs.Alice George, the Vice Provincial and Agnes Baiju from Kudda Community. The Sisters were given two rooms and the couple lived in the room adjacent. This house also was served as a place for prayer for the people around. A good number of people from around came and participated in this Charismatic prayers conducted regularly. But as  time passed by, the superiors found it inconvenient to have these sessions of prayer. We also received a negative response from the parish priest about this prayer sessions, as there is a possibility of having a division among the parishioners in the future. So finally this prayer session was terminated for good.

The foundation was for the new building was laid by Rev. Fr. Dennies Kujur CM on 17/11/2004. Rev. Sr. Nancy Augustine, the Provincial, and Sr. Molly James the Provincial Economer, the parish priest of Ranchi Cathedral, the headman of the area, some neighbors and well wishers were present for the occasion. While the construction was going on, the sisters stayed in a small rented house at Patherkuduwa along with few candidates who were students. Needless to say great was the inconveniences, which they had to put up within their daily life. But they experienced the power of the Almighty who was always at their side. The registration of this land was rather difficult, because taking a piece of tribal land and registering it in the name of the Congregation was an unacceptable norm in the face of the law. The construction had to be done part by part because of the resistance of the donors to move out to a rented house, in order to give space for construction. The Almighty poured His graces on the untiring efforts of the many good persons concerned and proved His steadfast love by making things possible.

The blessing and the inauguration of the newly built house took place on 25th Feb.2006. His Eminence Cardinal Telespore Toppo presided over the Holy Eucharist along with 12 priests who concelebrated with him. This occasion was graced by the presence of many M.S.M.H.C from different Communities, religious from various institutions, neibours, friends and well-wishers. We named this home as ‘Lourd Prakash Bhavan’ after the name of late Mr.Prakash who was a great devotee of our Blessed Mother and wanted to gift his house to someone who would perpetuate the devotion to Mother Mary.

The activities carried out in this center are:
1.Pastoral work, especially family visits and catechesis
2.Hostel and Classes in Tailoring and embroidery for less privileges girls (inaugurated on 3rd April 2006)
3.Hostel for the college girls (inaugurated on 4th August 2006)

These new ventures began under the supervision of Sr.Rose Cyriac the Superior under the supportive hands of the other members of the Community. Today this house has the facility of accommodating 40 girls including college students and tailoring and embroidery trainees. This house also serves as the study house for the sisters who attend the colleges nearby.

Two sisters are set apart for the family visits and pastoral care. They make themselves available to the people in catechizing and instructing the people. Mostly they go to the homes people and meet them personally.  Sisters are well acquainted with 500 families around us spread in three areas called Kumhar toil, Fatima Nagar and Chainpur. We have good relationship with the parish community and they value greatly our service to the parish and to the church. People around us are very happy with our presence amidst them and even the Non-Christians have become very friendly with us. 

People consider us as women of God and welcome us into their homes and offer us any help when we are in need. But there are also a good number of people, who remain still strangers to us and whom we are yet to reach out. In general, people around us are quite supportive to us besides all the intricacies of a city life. As the house is located in the heart of Ranchi it is always blessed with guests both religious and some times lay people as well. The sisters are ever ready to show hospitality and take good care of them. 


Kumartoli, P.O.Lalpur
Ranchi - 834 001


1.Sr. Annie Siamliani 
2.Sr. Gulab Kerketta  
3.Sr. Usha Rani Kadem 
4.Sr. Jeevanti  Topno

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