Uplifting the Needy in Brick Field

social work

Social Apostolate is one of its main activities through which the Province serves the most needy section of the society. Women and children are the predilection for most of the activities carried out by the sisters. The sisters reach out to the less fortunate and underprivileged people of the area, wherever they are placed. Ferrando Convent, Bandel extends its service to the people in the brick fields around the area, who are stricken by utter poverty and miseries of life. It is in order to find a means for livelihood they have left their own villages and work in the brick field. They live with the meager income they receive each day. 

Taking note of the pathetic situation of the people in the brick field, the sisters in Bandel reach out to them. They go to the field daily and take classes for the children in the evening hours imparting them basic knowledge on hygiene, cleanliness and good manners and also teach them reading and writing. The frequent visit of sisters to their families has brought visible changes in their living conditions. Sunday oratories are conducted regularly by the sisters and the candidates. Empowerment programmes for the women and various games and competitions are also being organised from time to time for children. 

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Uplifting the Needy in Brick Field

Social Apostolate is one of its main…

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