A Home of Hope for Young

MSMHC Maayer Asha takes care of the young at risk at Ichapur Howrah, Baltikuri and Bandel. At present there are 25 children at Ichapur, Howrah studying in primary school, 20 high school girl-students at Maayer Asha, Baltikuri extension and 30 of them at Bandel home belonging to different age group, studying in different schools. Besides giving the children opportunity to attend the regular schools in its own locality, teachers are appointed in the homes to assist the children in their studies. Students of class X, XI, and XII attend coaching classes in different coaching centres to help them improve their studies. The girls are motivated to make use of the opportunities and to choose their own career to live independently. 

Maayer Asha

Sisters accompany the children with much dedication and commitment in these homes. The children are being trained for dance, music, drawing, painting and karate. ‘Guide’ is one of the motivating activities of the home that helps the young ones in their personality development and empowering them to make positive contributions to the society. It also facilitates to inculcate leadership qualities in them. Some of the girls appear the exams for dance and music. 

Presently there are three girls preparing for exams in class XII, four in class XI and four in class X. All of them are given special coaching facilities to perform better in their studies. The home has the record of having four girls who have completed their nurse training and working in hospitals that are well known in the city. Other eight girls are in the process of completing nurse training in different nursing schools. There are also others who have completed trainings in motor mechanic and civil engineering and are earning their own livelihood, living a dignified life in the society. 
The home for the children at risk came to existence on 5 September 1997, on the day when Mother Teresa of Kolkata left for her heavenly abode. The home was named Maayer Asha (Mother’s Hope) to honour our Blessed Mother and Mother Teresa, the saint who lived for the poorest of the poor. 

Maayer Asha
A Home of Hope for Young

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