At the invitation of Rt.Rev.Julius Marandi, Bishop of Dumka, the Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians, at that time belonging to Little Flower Region, accepted to establish a Convent at Nirolakothy, Dumka.

On 22nd December 2002 was the inauguration of St. Mary’s Bhavan and a grand reception for the M.S.M.H.C was accorded by the Diocese of Dumka. To mark the occasion Rt.Rev.Bishop Julius Marandi along with 13 other priests offered the Holy Eucharist in which the religious and friends from the diocese joined. Sr.Nancy Augustine, Assistant Regional, Sr.Amala George, Regional Economer, Sisters from Agiamur, Boropahari, Bandel, Siliguri and Babumahal were present on this auspicious day.

The pioneers are Srs.Rebeca Ekka and Sr.Regina Murmu. Sr. Rebeca laid solid foundations for mission and moved out after a year, where Sr.Regina Murmu continued with the pioneering spirit which is carried out by the sisters till date. 

The original purpose for which we were invited was to collaborate with the diocese in the pastoral work as well as to run a hostel for the college girls. Eventually, due to various reasons the original purpose of running the hostel was altered by the diocese and as in the present agreement our apostolate comprise the following ministries.
1. Full time Pastoral work, along with social apostolate of organizing and monitoring the SHG groups, SCC, visiting the hostels of girls that are close by. {2 sisters}
2.  Administration and teaching in the diocesan school {two sisters}
3.  Collaboration with SDC for the sponsorship of children from the parish  {one of the school sisters}
4.  Sunday school catechism {school sisters}

Our main apostolate here is pastoral activity; all other ministries are centered on this. So far there is no compartmentalization and everyone helps in all the activities and so we are able to do and achieve much through our presence here.

We have very good relationship and collaboration with the priests and people around here. The parish run as a quasi parish where there are no resident priests for a number of years from its existence. So we had to be available for the people at any time of the day. People are very happy with our presence and the impression created in the mind of the people is very positive and friendly. They appreciate our availability, hardworking spirit and missionary approach. Most of the people consider us an extension of their own families and share with us the products of their garden and vice versa.

It is a new parish and so vocations are only beginning. So far we have two candidates from this parish and from the neighboring parishes a few girls are with us. We keep a few girls who desire to join us to do their Plus Two and then we send them to Bandel. Every year we have 4 to 6 girls who will eventually join us. So our house is also a formation house and we promote vocations whole-heartedly.

For Church and the diocese our presence here is indeed a source of rich blessings. Every year through the tireless efforts of the sisters and due to the continuous touring programmes many people receive Baptism. This year we had 72 families coming over during Easter. The previous years too similar entries to the Church are proudly recorded.

The Sacred Heart {diocesan} School which is established in 2007 too is totally taken care by the sisters and those too we have 80 % Christian students. It is indeed a very big achievement for the Church.  There is a good rapport with the parents-students as well as the teachers.

New House: The sisters were put up in an old house from 2002 to March 29th 2008. On 29th March our New Convent was blessed and inaugurated by Rt.Rev.Julius Marandi in the presence of our Provincial Superior Sr.Elizabeth Packumala and our sisters from Ichapur, Bandel, Agiamur, Boropahari and Kudda. Our Parish Priest Fr.Christu Das played a very important role in the designing and construction of the new convent, which is indeed beautiful and spacious. May God be praised through our presence here.

Boarding: As per the need of the hour, the sisters began accommodating few girls are boarders.


Opposite to L.I.C
Dumka P .O & Dt.
Jharkhand - 814 101
09470577445/ 09801145830


Sr.Amala George 
Sr.Shanta Kerketta 
Sr.Kanti Aind 
Sr.Emilia Tirkey
Sr.Mary Chinnabathini 
Sr.Protima Barwa 

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